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Windows Tip: Set Word 2007 to Save in Word 97 to 2003 Format

The problem with the latest Microsoft releases is that they aren’t backward compatible. Take Vista for example. There are only a special number of software that run on it. Good thing they weren’t that inconsiderate with Office 2007. At least, there’s still the option for you to save using older document formats. By the way, Office 2007 now, by default, uses a different format. Word 2007 saves its files using the .DOCX format.

However, since the world hasn’t shifted all to the latest Microsoft releases, chances are you might be sending other people documents in .DOCX format which they wouldn’t be able to open in Word 97-2003. You just have to make an effort to make sure the file format and you can do so by making sure that you select the Word 97-2003 format every time. Or just set the darned thing and forget about it.

How-to Geek wrote a great how-to on this. Here’s how you go about it:
1. Click the Office Button and click Office Word Options at the bottom of the panel


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2 Responses to “Windows Tip: Set Word 2007 to Save in Word 97 to 2003 Format”

  • Ralph Malph says:

    How do you make saving in 2003 format the default for ALL the users of a computer. I have a “frozen” PC in a library used by 100s of students all logging in with unique IDs. I need a one time global setting to make the 2003 file format the default. It seem that MS, as is typical of them, did a half a__ job and left out the common sense need to have ability to make that a global setting good for ALL users.

    Any Idea on how to correct this missing option would be greatly appreciated.



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