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Windows Tip: Taskbar and System Tray Keyboard Shortcuts in Vista

I’ve just been retraining myself with some keyboard ninjitsu for Windows Vista as of late and here are a couple of tips for keyboard ninjas. These commands allow you to cycle through the Taskbar items and the System Tray items using the Windows logo key.

To cycle through your Taskbar programs

  • Press Windows + T
  • Use your arrow keys to highlight a Taskbar item
  • Press the spacebar to select and switch to the application

Well sure, you can just use your beloved Alt + Tab here.

To cycle through your System Tray icons

  • Press Windows + B
  • Use your arrow keys to highlight a System Tray icon
  • Press the Enter key to select the item

So using this nifty tool, you can immediately access the Vista calendar by pressing Windows + B, then press the left arrow key to select the time. Hit enter to access the Vista calendar. (via Howto: Geek)


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