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Windows Tip: Windows Key Shortcuts in Vista

Windows Key
Here’s one for the keyboard ninjas on Vista. Much like with XP, you can combine the Windows key with other keys to access the most common tasks and launch Vista features. It’s probably one of the most abused keys on my keyboard since I’m an avid keyboard ninja practitioner. Here’s a list of the shortcuts you can execute to make computing with Vista a lot faster.

Keyboard Shortcut Description
Windows + E Windows Explorer
Windows + D Show Desktop
Windows + B Focuses selection to the first icon on the notification area, use arrow keys to navigate and Spacebar to select
Windows + F Find Files and Folders (AKA Search)
Windows + Tab 3D-Flip cycles through your standard applications (only available for Vista versions with Aero enabled)
Windows + Ctrl + Tab Launches 3D-Flip but stays on the desktop so that you can scroll in directions
Windows + M Minimize all windows
Windows + Shift + M Undo minimize all windows
Windows + R Open Run window
Windows + Pause/Break System Information
Windows + F1 Windows Help
Windows + U Ease of Access
Windows + Spacebar Displays Windows Sidebar (provided enabled)
Windows + L Locks the computer (needs password to reactivate)
Windows + T Tabs through applications on the taskbar
Ctrl + Shift + Escape Launches the Task Manager (Okay, doesn’t use the Windows button :P)

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