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Windows Tips: Customize the Quick Access and Status Bars in Office 2007

For those of you who are still adjusting to the new look and tools arsenal of Microsoft Office 2007, here’s a couple of things that you can do to tweak the way Office 2007 looks. Probably another GUI “concept” aside from the Ribbon that you now notice is this thing called the Quick Access Toolbar:

Quick Access Toolbar

It also features a newly tweaked Status Bar at the bottom:

Status Bar

Now, what I like about what they did with Office 2007 is the ease of tweaking and customization that you can do with things. And you can actually do a fairly quick tweaking of these two implements of productivity war. It all starts with a simple click.

The Quick Access Toolbar

The toolbar’s sort of the replacement for the old Standard toolbar and this thing’s built for mouse ninjas. It features the the usual commands like New, Open, Save, etc… By default only Save, Undo and Redo are available but you can show the rest by click the little drop-down arrow at the right-most part. Just select those that you want shown.

Customize Quick Access Toolbar

Keyboard ninjas will just have to resort to their usual antics.

The Status Bar

Control freaks will have a ball with the tweaked Status Bar. For one, the right-most part offers Viewing options and Zooming options (using a slider!) for quick access. Now as for the information that it displays, you can have full control of the things you want there. Just right-click on the Status Bar and select/deselect the information you want.

Customize Status Bar


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