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Workplace Watch: How to Deal with Workplace Bullies


In a previous post, we’ve pointed out some tips on dealing with workplace fiends. However, we’ve only dealt with fiendish co-workers in general but here are some tips on how to deal with one type (and probably the worst type) of annoying co-workers – the bully.

Just when you think you’ve had enough of them in school, the bullies followed you at work. Usually in the form of a boss, the bully hurts everyone – physically, emotionally, and more painful – mentally. Sometimes the hassle of having an incessant bully makes you think of quitting your job. But you know you shouldn’t go through the trouble of another job application just because someone is terrorizing you in the office. Read up and refuse to be a victim.

Policy. Observe your office’s policy and unspoken rule about harassment. The office should be free from any form of violence and tyranny. You don’t expect a boss to be very sympathetic. Above everything else, your boss has only expectations. A compassionate boss is very unlikely but is a real treasure.

Fight back at the first sign of cruelty. If you start noticing that a co-worker is trying to terrorize you, stand up and let that bully know that you’re not to be intimidated. Don’t cower the first time. Snap back instead.

Power play is not welcome. Boss or not, power play is damaging and should be pointed out every time just to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Harassment in the office can lead to discouragement and can create an undesirable working environment.


3 Responses to “Workplace Watch: How to Deal with Workplace Bullies”

  • Jamie says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Fighting back at the first sign of cruelty is of up most importance. The advice that your mum told you in school to ignore it and work away will not work.

    You need to go in hard and fast.

    Good advice.

  • Chris says:

    My problem is with my boss. He is constantly bullying me and calling me names. I don’t know what to do or where to go. He is a power freek and everything is always his way or no way. I can’t quit cause I just got married and bought a house.

  • Ray Mayberry says:

    At thia time I am expirencing the “work place bully” and her cronies quite well. They have grouped together. There are people that get recognition for the least amount of production and those that get critized even though they not only do their work but the work of her cronies as well. I have been humiliated by this so-called “supervisor” but have fought back. She is more subtle now but continues her efforts.The management is aware but they do not seem to care. Her cronies openly state what duties they refuse to do. Not even the department manager will correct the problem. The “manager finds one particulare member of the “bully squad” funny therefore he has a “free pass”. They refuse to hold anyone of them accountable while attempting to embarass a few others.

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