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Write Your Stress Out of Your System


What was the last thing you’ve written? If your work is not related to communications, the bulk of your scribbling must be limited to signing checks and reports. Rediscover the fun of creative writing and treat it as a hobby. Writing can also help you unwind, get all of those stressful thoughts out.

Start a journal or a blog. When you can’t always have your friends around when you’re in the mood to talk your head off, a journal and a blog is the perfect alternative. Having problems in the office you can’t discuss with your officemates? Feel free to write about it in a journal or in a blog. But take note that issues in the office might be better written in a journal, because your blog could be accessed by your officemates, or worse, your boss. You don’t probably want to get dooced or anything. Maintaining a journal or a blog enhances your writing skills and it is a good way to vent because you get to verbalize your emotions and opinions.

Write a short story. It’s easy to wind down by working on a short story. Are there stories in your mind that’s just been waiting to be written down? If you’ve always known that there is a writer in you then you should give it a shot. It’s fun to create a narrative where you can control the events that govern your characters’ lives.


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