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3 Things to Consider for Your Bathroom


There was a time when everything you needed in the bathroom consisted of a faucet, a bowl, and a bucket. Now, in the advent of a long list of bath accessories, your bathroom is not good enough for you anymore. And if it’s not good enough for you, it’s not good enough for your guests. From bath coordinates to bath rugs, the bathroom has really achieved a top place into our homes. Let’s see what the craze is all about.

A central part of the bathroom is your tub. A hot tub invites bacteria and other contaminants. Unless you filter it regularly, your tub is going to be a hell full of hair, dirt, and grime. Get two filters for your hot tub which you’re going to rotate at least every two weeks. You can also opt for an ozonator. It ensures the freshness of your tub water.

Keep your bath essentials out of the way. I know you use them everyday, (that is why they are called essentials) but there’s a better way of keeping your shampoo bottles than just putting them on top of the sink. You need caddies. Use caddies to properly arrange your soap, shower gels, etc. You can even hang them from the head of your shower to save space.

What kind of flooring do you want for your bathroom? These days, tiles are the general favorite. But consider the downside of tiled floors — tiles are cold so you can’t walk on them barefoot and they’re super slippery when wet. You also can opt to install an electric under-floor heating because cold floors suck right after a hot bath.


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