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3 Things to Give More Meaning to Your Love.


Who needs love? Answer: EVERYONE. Whether you agree or deny it, the fact remains that every person needs to feel loved. Even science has proven it – the feeling of being loved does wonders to our health.

You’re a sucker for love. You want to be loved, and you want to give love. That’s just human! When you love someone you say “i love you”. But is loving someone as easy as saying those words? Definitely not! Giving someone your love is not so easy.

More important than saying, is listening. It’s very easy for people to hear, but listening is a different matter. When you listen, you’re all ears. You’re focused and sincere. You’ll know the importance of listening when you understand or remember just how annoying it is when people keep interrupting you when you talk. Being a good listener will pave the way to a great communication process between you and your partner. And when you achieve this, there’s no conflict you can’t resolve by talking things out.

Don’t be possessive. I know it’s hard to share your loved ones to other people but you have to and you have no choice. Even you need some space outside your relationship where you can enjoy the company of other people — family and friends are important, too. Besides, give yourselves time to miss each other.

Respect each other’s differences. Couples are made of two individuals. Sometimes they fight, but most of the time they agree. The problem with some couples is that they tend to morph each other into becoming like themselves. There’s a really big problem with this. If you love someone you have to respect their individuality. If it’s not a bad habit, then don’t change it. You like tea while he likes milk. Live with it.


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