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5 Backpacking Tips


Backpacking is one of the great things you can do this summer. Aside from being cheaper than a luxury cruise it’s good for your health and you get to feel a little closer to nature. So why not get your gear out and try backpacking. Here are five tips to help you be on your way to the great outdoors.

Pack smart. Do not burden yourself with unnecessary items. If it’s just one day trip, then just load up on those essentials. Core staples are: an emergency kit (band aids, alcohol, bandage, cotton, etc..) emergency food, water bottle, and a blanket. A mobile phone might come handy too in cases of emergency.

Stretch. Remember, walking is a physical activity and you’ll be doing a lot of reps in your trip. Be sure that you’re limber enough by doing stretching exercises first. Don’t and suffer from body pains the next few days.

Walk with a comfortable pace. If you can’t carry a conversation then you are walking a tad too quickly. Remember that it’s not about getting there and back again quickly, it’s about enjoying the scenes.

Do the “rest step” when climbing uphill. Walk slowly, placing your weight on your back leg. Inhale while moving the other foot forward.

Take breaks. If you’ve been a desk monkey for too long and you’re out of shape, don’t be afraid to take breaks. Just pace yourself to be at your destination (and back, in case you’re taking a day trip) within day-lit hours.


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