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5 Ideas to Go Green

Sky Sphere

Going green is always a good idea. If you support the government’s campaigns to reduce the pollution in our environment, you’ll need help. Start inside your home. Change starts from bottom up. It would be pointless if you can’t have your own time to do your own green goals. Here are things both of you can do to double your green efforts.

Switch from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs because fluorescents use two-thirds less energy. What’s more, the fluorescent bulbs can last ten times longer tan your incandescent.

Turn off and unplug appliances when not in use. Sure it takes a bit of your time but it wouldn’t really hurt. And not just because you pressed that lovely “off” button on the remote doesn’t mean that your appliance stops sucking juice. Some appliances use up electricity when left plugged in. These wouldn’t only allow you to save energy but cut your bill too.

Use your Starbucks mug? You have your cute Starbucks mug yet you only use it at home. Why not avail your coffee discount by bringing your own mug to Starbucks everytime you buy coffee! Now that’s easy and cost-effective. That’s one paper cup less for the recyclers to deal with.

Bring your own bags when you do your grocery. You’ve no use for all the plastics and paper you take home every time you do your shopping and grocery. So just buy one reusable grocery bag. Plastics just add clutter to your house, anyway.

Go for eco paper towels instead of the usual tissue paper for your bathroom. Trees are better off saving people from a landslide than getting rolled up to wipe your face (or other body parts for that matter).


One Response to “5 Ideas to Go Green”

  • Bosch Dad says:

    In our household, we have every single kitchen and house appliance plugged into a power strip. And when we leave the house we turn it off, and only turn them on when appliances are in need of power.

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