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5 Tips for Preparing for an Exam


Woah! Yep, one of the things that sucks when you’re a student. But hey, it’s part of campus life! And sometimes meeting beautiful ladies at study groups is often a good enough compensation. But you know what? The best thing about taking exams is actually passing them! So here are some pre-exam tips to help you get at least a B on your test:

I hope you didn’t throw away those syllabi that your professors have given you at the beginning of the course. You need those when you actually do the studying. Make notes beside the lessons which you find easy and those that you find difficult. Give more study time to the ones that are rock-hard.

One other thing about this one, do not study the difficult parts when you are already bored and tired. Chances are, you won’t retain anything you need to remember. Reserve the points that need a glance-over during this time.

Form a study group. Many friendships and romances have been formed during study groups! But seriously, having a study group is great because for sure there are particular individuals who are experts on particular topics, and they can share this to the other members of the group. Try to go over topics and try to get past test papers or questions and try to answer them together. The debate on the answers are often enlightening and will surely help in the exams!

And of course, get rid of that shyness! Ask your professor about anything that you find confusing or difficult. Schedule a consultation. Not only does this will impress your professor with you showing more effort in his or her class, but it will obviously help to clarify a lot of things on a particularly difficult subject.

Don’t forget to unwind after a long and concentrated study time. A TV or DVD session, or a dinner to your favorite pizza place, or even a bottle of ice cold beer will do the trick. Consider it a reward for a job well done!


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