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Achieving Your Short-term Goals

For many people, their dreams are the strongest driving force behind all their efforts and attempts at success. A person who has a vision of his future is more sure of his direction in life. But equally important as long term goals are your short term goals because achieving these boosts your drive and makes you more aggressive towards your long-term success.

Set realistic goals. You need goals which are realistic so that you can achieve them. Do not be too ambitious because you might end up getting frustrated. Set simple short-term goals first and try your best to achieve them on time. Make your goals more difficult as you make progress with your previous, simpler goals. This strategy will give you more chances of being more focused when you take on your next level challenge.

Use your organizers or PDAs to get organized. Short-term goals have sooner deadlines so make sure you don’t waste your time deciding how to go about achieving your short-term goal. Sit down and list your tasks with corresponding time so that you can follow a set schedule. Remember, if you have not fulfilled your first short-term goal, you can’t move on to your next one.  If you know yourself to be a forgetful person, then use all the reminder tools in your phone and PDAs. You can even ask your mom to nag you about it if that’s what it takes.

Work hard for it. Even short-term goals need your best so persevere every time. You have to build a character which will make you a super achiever of your long-term goals. Make a habit out of working hard regardless of the type of goal.


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