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Being Mentally and Emotionally Tough


Toughness isn’t all about being physical and macho so that you can bully that geeky kid on the block. By tough we mean being emotionally and mentally strong enough to weather out the challenges that life dishes out. We can all just drown in all of those stories of people just giving up and shutting down. Personally, I have had my fair share of challenges and it’s quite challenging in itself to just tough it out. Here are some points to consider to tough things out when gets, well, tough.

Tough can come in different ways. We see them on TV and probably in real life. Cancer patients just waiting for their time. Addicts facing rehab. Or some hotshot athlete sitting at the sidelines. Probably some college kid waiting tables to put himself/herself through school. Challenges in life demand certain levels of grit.

Draw upon your own experiences. Take note of the points in your where you felt tested and draw upon them the next time you face another challenge test. Taking risks, admitting mistakes, and changing bad habits are bound to develop your toughness. Even putting up with those annoying neighbors and a mooching friend can be really trying. If you have done any of these, then use them to convince yourself that you’re tough enough

Balance it out with kindness. Many people who claim to be mentally tough can be insensitive and callous to certain points. I personally get that a lot since I get to think that if I can weather out tough periods, so should other people. However, not everyone can be ready and strong enough in an instant. Be sure, that, when faced with challenges involving other people (family, friends), be sensitive. If you can, be the emotional anchor for other people.


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