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Being Single and Not Miserable on Valentine’s Day


So what if you’re single? It has never been a bad thing, but not today. Everyone’s in twos and admit it — it sucks. It’s that one time of the year when you actually feel that it sucks to be you.

Tell you what, stop looking at those couples. If they’re not kissing, they’re hugging — it gets boring. And since you don’t have somebody else to love, why not channel all your love to yourself? No one deserves it more; especially today.

Treat yourself. It doesn’t have to cost much, but it has to be special. Get some spa treatments or work out in the gym? And who said you need a guy/girl to feel sexy?

Consider an out of town. If you can afford a short vacation, going out of town will do you good. Instead of trying to get through the day as fast as you can, get some time off work to explore other environments, see new places, or meet new people.

Be around family. Are you avoiding them because you’re afraid they’re going to ask an update on your dating status? Well, your family’s just having a bit of fun but they’re actually sincerely wishing that you’d finally find love. You should consider spending time with the people who loved you ever since you were a baby. You wont’t get to spend as much time with them when you’re attached.


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