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Choosing Fitting Christmas Gifts

At this time of the month, you should already be doing your holiday shopping. To avoid the rush, it’s best to get over with it as early as you can. But just like anyone who’s ever had to give gifts on Christmas, shopping for the perfect gift is not so easy. You may have the money, but do you know exactly what to get? Do you know exactly what he wants this Christmas?

How much do you know the person? If you’re buying a gift for a close friend, it’s going to be easier. Since you know him, you also have an idea about his interests and his taste. Think back and recall if he has ever mentioned anything he wants to receive this year.

Determine your budget. There’s only so much you can spend on a Christmas gift, so it has to be really, really special. Don’t splurge if you don’t have to. People sometimes think that if they bought something expensive, the recipient will automatically appreciate it. But it’s wrong logic. Cost is not always the issue.

Investigate. Be wary of signs which might give you a hint on his wish list. Does he like a particular boy band group lately? Maybe you can give him that kind of merchandise–shirt or CD. Ask his parents and your other friends if they have an idea.

If you’re stuck, try this method. On a piece of paper, write the strong characteristics of the person–attributes which describe him. This technique enables you to have clearer ideas and make associations between the adjectives and the perfect gift.

If you’ve given up on thinking about the “perfect” gift and you really can’t think of anything, the best thing to do is to buy a gift certificate. GCs are good because it gives the person freedom (although limited by the cost of the GC, but still..) to choose his own gift. Now you don’t have to worry if he’d like your gift or not.


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