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Coffee Health Bits

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You get one cup first thing in the morning, one just before lunch, another one at 3PM, and another cup after dinner. Don’t you think you’re drinking way too much coffee? Perhaps no drink has ever been more popular lately than coffee. Starbucks and other coffee geniuses have made coffee addicts out of everyone. And so it is the perfect time for you to know that your coffee is actually a good cup. Here’s why.

Coffee is rich with antioxidants, the molecules you need to protect your body against cancer, heart problems, and diabetes. Antioxidants are capable of slowing down and even stopping the oxidation of other molecules. This means you get less free radicals, which also translates to less cell damage.

Recent researches have actually shown that coffee also has health benefits on some known health problems such as Parkinson’s Disease and liver cancer.

Now the downside. Some studies show that chronic coffee consumption may increase aortic stiffness. There is also the risk with unfiltered coffee that’s proven to raise blood fats. And of course, some people are sensitive to caffeine so they shouldn’t really have too much.

After reading this, are you still having that java? More antioxidants, or less caffeine? Take your pick. But until then, there’s always tea. It has less caffeine than coffee and it also has multiple health benefits.


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