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Controlling Your Sugar Intake


People say diabetes can’t kill you. But its complications will. You think eating candies the way you eat popcorn is not harmful? Think again. Your body does not need the extra sugar. So if you don’t watch just how much you’re getting, your body is definitely not getting the care it deserves.

Insulin is your hormone which controls your blood sugar. It helps your cell use sugar for nutrition. It makes possible the formation of fat and muscle, it stores glucose in glycogen form so you can have strength even when you starve for a little while and it stops breakdown of protein.

When your body cannot produce insulin, your glucose will build up in dangerous levels. When your blood sugar reaches above 10.0 mmol/l, it makes your urine sweet. So be very conscious of your sugar intake.

Here are a few symptoms of diabetes – You pee more often than average and you feel dehydrated. You feel stressed out and tired which is the case when you need more insulin in your body. You lose weight but in an unhealthy way. Lack of insulin will cause the body to break down and you lose muscle tissue. Among women, there might form an infection in the vagina because of bacteria and fungi buildup on blood with high sugar levels.

Definitely, a condition of diabetes should be consulted with no less than a specialist, but just so you know what you can do for your own body, adopting a healthy diet as well as regular physical exercise will help your body get through this illness.

So be sure to be wary of how much sweets you take in. If you have a sweet tooth, it might be about time that you train yourself to tune down the sugar. Try to appreciate the natural flavor of things. Sure, they might be a bit bland but at least your glucose levels won’t spike up.

One way to cut back on sugar is to cut back on carbonated drinks. Instead of putting in two lumps of sugar in your coffee, try just one. Turn down dessert if you’re already full.

Using artificial sweeteners is an option though there are a lot of controversies surrounding them.


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