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Do You Need Travel Insurance?


Getting a travel insurance should always be under consideration for travelers. Many hate it because they view it as an unnecessary travel expense. As Chris Rock would say, insurance isn’t really insurance, it’s “incaseshit” since you usually only get to use it in case shit happens. But life’s a risk and who knows? So how about you, do you think you need a travel insurance? Let’s see why not.

Travel insurance is usually cheap. Yup, not all insurance will pull your finances down. You can research which banks offer the lowest package. You might even be surprised that you can afford some offers. Of course before you sign up for anything, make sure you compare and get the one with the most benefits and perks.

Study the package before you sign up. If you have other insurance like home insurance or life insurance, you don’t have to avail these in your travel insurance. To make sure you’re only getting those you really need, read your contract and talk with your agent about the adjustments and preferred coverage. It is also wise to know exactly which policy will benefit you most. If you’re going to a place where health care is expensive, then you should definitely get insured for health care.

Study the exclusions. Check your insurance policies regarding exclusions. Pre-existing medical conditions and criminal acts are some of the usual exclusions.


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