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Download: Convert Word 2007 Files to RTF

DocX2RTFYeah, so we’re all kind of pissed with how Microsoft decided to go another notch with their exclusivity by changing the default file types for Office 2007. I basically find myself making the conscious effort to always save via compatibility mode. But what if some inconsiderate friend of yours decides that you should be getting your Office upgraded so that you can open those .docx files with ease?

If that is your problem (and all you need to view is some word processed document), then fret not. Here’s a nice little program that would allow you to convert those files to a more compatible Rich Text Format file. If you’re having problems with having to deal with ODT (from OpenOffice), then this app will also convert those for you. Whether you get Word 2007 (*.docx; *.dotx) and OpenOffice files (*.sxw,*.odt), you can easily turn them to RTF with Docx2Rtf. As a bonus, it can even convert your documents to PDF.

As far as I can tell, this program works like a charm and really does convert the documents. The loss in formating is mostly due to the limitations of the RTF format than the program itself.

As an added appeal to those who are always on the go, this program requires no installation and can be stored (and ran) from a USB thumb drive.

Download Docx2Rtf here.


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