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Download: Lock Your PC with a USB Drive

USB PC LockNow here’s a nifty one for PC security. So you lug around a thumb drive as a handy backup for your data, store some no-install software for quick use, and a means for your to transfer or copy data on the fly. Who thought you can use it as your personal PC keyfob?

Here’s USB PC Lock Pro that does exactly just that – convert your USB key into your own personal PC keyfob. What it can do is to automatically lock your PC as soon as you unplug the USB drive. It can also do a number of fancy things via plug-ins like locking your MSN Messenger, stop streaming media, and mute your speakers.

Just take note that you need to install this on the PC that you need secure and not on the USB drive. It’s free for download and use and works with most (if not all) USB drives.

Download USB PC Lock Pro here.

Via CyberNet News


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