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Download: Windows Vista Recovery Disc

One thing you got to hate with how Microsoft marketed Vista is that most of them came in bundled with new PCs that they didn’t even come with an installation disc. Since this is Vista (a Microsoft product), it goes without telling when the damn system would decided to f*ck you up big time. And since the only recovery option you have is with that installation disc, you know you’re in for something really messed up.

I have had such an incident when Windows was just messed up (desktop not showing up). Fortunately for me, my lappie came with Windows Vista Basic installation discs (a set of six CDs which I later then merged to one DVD) that contained the recovery center. It’s quite useful, I just wonder why them damned manufacturers wouldn’t spare a DVD for a lot of folks.

But fret not as the Internet gods have decided to spread some lovin’. NeoSmart has been really nice to host the Windows Vista Recovery Disc. The whole set of tools comes from Microsoft themselves but NeoSmart makes it available for easy download. You can’t use it to install a Vista version but it’s bootable.

It’s a 120MB download of an ISO file that you still need to burn to a CD.

Download Windows Vista Recovery Disc here.


9 Responses to “Download: Windows Vista Recovery Disc”

  • Andrea says:

    My computer has blacked out on my, windows wont even try to start. Do i need to use a recovery disk and if so how and where do i buy it??

  • alan says:

    it said that D:/sources/install.wim is missing help me!!

  • Jorge Motta says:

    Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download

  • Badawi Hassan says:

    i have a laptop hp 60g vista i have lost recovery disc ,how can i resolve this proplem please help me

  • Jonathan Torio says:

    Good Afternoon;

    I bought an Acer Aspire 4735 last 6 months ago, and i found it very fast even if it’s Vista because i put up a 4gb memory, it’s a Pentium Dual Core, 320gb Hdd, my problem is now a days, as i use it, it’s kind a slow, really slow, considering i have a 4mb internet connection. and i compare it to other acer with a lower specs, it seems that my friends laptop more faster than mine, can you please help me?

    my acer laptop comes with an pre installed software vista, i know how to back up a file or to make a recovery disc, but don’t know the procedure to for using the recovery disc, i want to re install my vista using the recovery disc.

    Hoping for your speed response, Thank you very much…


  • Behind the Scenes says:

    Download the Windows Vista Recovery Disc from the site above either the 32x or 64x depends on your system. Download it as a torrent, burn it on a CD and boot from it. I ecommend reading the whole post from NeoSmart. Cheers

  • I guess I’m going to download Windows Vista Recovery Disks from the RSS Feed Site

  • hainguye says:

    when i install that. it said i had to have activated key.

  • rahul says:

    i have lost my vista recovery disc my windows system file has been can get a recovery disc.

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