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Early Preparations for Christmas

You can almost taste December in the air and with it comes the holidays–the busiest days of the year. Are you ready for it? Avoid the holiday rush by making early preparations. That way you can be ahead and ensure that your Christmas goes just as you planned.

Save up. As early as now and ideally even earlier, you should have started saving up for your gifts. The earlier you start saving, the bigger your budget will be.

Plan your Christmas Dinner menu. Buy now while you can still move freely with your cart. Make sure you have your list of ingredients with you for faster shopping.

Buy your gifts at least two weeks early, so you can have enough time to wrap them. It’s also a good idea to mark your calendar when you should send out your cards. No late cards this year. Some even buy a month early or earlier. That surely keeps you clear off the rush.

Hosting a party? Start making your party plans now. You have to make a checklist of everything you’ll need. You’ll have to set the time, send invites, shop, and make phone calls.

If you’re going out of town for Christmas, book now. To get the lowest rates, you have to book as early as you can. Tonight at dinner, finalize your plans with the whole family so you can book first thing tomorrow morning.

Organize an outreach. You can also celebrate Christmas with strangers, especially the less fortunate ones. Invite friends to join your outreach by donating clothes and food to charity.

Buy a tree and spend your free time decorating it. Let it relieve your stress.

Learn how to make eggnog. Surprise your guests by making your own version of the famous holiday treat.

And lastly, forget about work. Christmas is your longest quality time with your loved ones so avoid talking about work when you can.


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