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Early Preparations For Thanksgiving

By now, you should have completed your list of people you’re inviting over for Thanksgiving. It’s only a few weeks away and you’re finally doing a lot of preparations – cleaning the house, scrubbing the walls, re-painting the dining room, and finalizing the Thanksgiving menu. In line with these preparations, you might also have to do other things which include the following things:

Make room if someone had to stay for the night. What if one of your relatives is too old to go home and would rather journey the next day? If you have a spare room, you’ll have to prepare it. It would be best to prepare it by putting mattresses which can hold more than one person. For all you know, you may have more than one guest for the night.

Which room are you using to receive your guests? Key rooms will be the living room, where you’ll be having chit-chat before the dinner; the kitchen if guests should peek in once in a while to see what’s cooking; the dining room for the actual feast and the bathroom where of course, where there’s no need to explain. Make sure you prioritize these areas in the house when you start with the general cleaning.

How will you serve your food? If you only have 5-8 guests then maybe you can serve by portion or per plate to add some finesse to the occasion. But it’s a lot more convenient for you to have dinner served buffet-style because after all your hard work, you just want to sit down and enjoy your own Thanksgiving meal don’t you?

Make this Thanksgiving much more memorable by taking candid shots. Pictures are much more lively and scenic if pictures are stolen shots of people having a few laughs. Then upload these images and compile them in an online album so the whole family can access them.


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