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Ending Friendships

Good friends are almost family. They happen to be the ones who are with you during your milestones and more importantly, during breakups and other life drama. But not all friends turn out to be good friends. Some are for for keeps, while some are better off as strangers.

If you have a friend who’s becoming more like an enemy — saying bad things about you behind your back, hitting on your girl, or being a pal as long as you treat him to happy hours, then drop this friend now before he ruins your life. You’ll be happy you lost him.

First of all, you have to remember that bad friends are just as common as good ones. So you really have to be careful who you hang out with. What your mom used to say when you were young has lasting truth: do choose your friends.

Identify the friend you want to lose and the reasons why you want to drop him. There are different types of a-holes and jerks but it shouldn’t be hard for you to tell what makes him one. How does he ruin your life?

Spend less and less time with him. Even if he’s the most convenient person to talk to with regard to proximity, try to avoid him when you can. If he asks you to hang-out, make excuses. You don’t have to be guilty about lying. It’s better than having to endure his company, anyway. Do this until he’s completely out of your system.

If he does ask what the problem is, tell him calmly why you don’t want to be his friend anymore. Although most likely he would just back down without asking, prepare an explanation so that you have a ready answer. You don’t have to give specific reasons unless he insists on it. Just tell him you have other things to do.

Choose your friends from now on. No matter how rotten your bad friend is, there will always be guilt when you start the process of dropping a friend. The lesson here is to learn how you can avoid doing it again. Get to know as much as you can about a person first before you decide you want as your friend. This way, you’ll only have the ones for keeps.


2 Responses to “Ending Friendships”

  • mehru says:

    this is sooo true!! The only part I disagree with is telling your so called friend the reason why you dont want to be his friend anymore. Dont bother. He/she might give you reasons and convince you that you are wrong. Some people are good with words so he might just end up making you feel guilty…. just slowly AND VERY STEADILY throw him out of your life.

  • Silly-Moo says:

    Ending friendships can take just as long as creating them, especially if you don’t want to part on bad terms. It’s never a nice thing to tell someone that you don’t like them or want them as a friend so the best thing to do is phase them out.

    I had a friend that was so childish and moody that I couldn’t stand to be around her anymore (although I work with her too) that I just stopped emailing her for chats and made excuses when invited out. She took the hint eventually. And all I’ll say is that even though they might think that you are the one with the problem for ending the friendship it’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of bliss of not having said friend in your life anymore :)

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