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Enjoy a Lake Vacation

If you want to enjoy the waters but you’re tired of the beach, why not go to a lake instead and enjoy a different adventure. Beaches can be overrated these days (especially since it’s summer). A nice log cabin (or a tent) by the lake might just be more of your thing.

Pack everything you need. Start with the necessities. You’ll surely need towels, sunscreen, food, clean water, toiletries, life vests, and extra clothes. Then think about what kind of activities you want to do — Frisbee, hiking, or fishing so you can pack other stuff as well. Pack up blankets as well and bring a bug spray.

Make sure you book your accommodations in advance so you’re sure you have a place to stay. If you’re traveling by RV, you might want to read our article on RVs to give you some reminders.

Take someone along who can swim. Just for added security, take someone who knows how to swim. S/he will be the family’s lifeguard. This becomes more important if you are taking the kids. Safety jackets might be a good idea if no one is too confident with their swimming skills.

Take loads of pictures. Make sure you take pictures of everyone having fun in the water, out of the water, inside the RV/cabin and while on picnic. After the vacation, everyone would want to see all the pictures. You can also use all these photos to make a family scrapbook.

Give out clear instructions to everyone and assign a buddy system. Again, this is important especially when you have kids with you. You want to make sure that everybody is watching everybody during the whole trip.


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