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Even More Ways to Save

Need new brilliant ideas to save? We seem to always run out of money, not knowing where most of it had gone, and how it could have gone so fast. Saving money has always been tricky, not to mention challenging. But there are ways to do it, and simple ones, too. Take note of these:

Are you aware of how much you’re spending on eating out? Although you’re not the typical splurging type, you might be surprised finding out that you actually spend more than you ought with expensive coffee or your favorite dessert. Here’s a brilliant idea, why not learn how to make your favorite indulges so you won’t have to buy them. All it takes is just a small effort to research the recipe so you won’t even have to overspend again.

Canvassing services before you avail them can save you a lot of money and trouble. Some people don’t want to go through the hassle of looking around. But how else can you know which service or product can give the best value for your money? Getting different services from one service provider might even total to less than what you’ll pay to separate providers for different kinds of services.

Buy a pedometer. While the gym can indeed motivate you to shed off some pounds, you may want to find other ways which might work for you too but without the fees. Gym classes can be costly, so if a pedometer can achieve the same results, why not quit the gym and buy a pedometer instead? Grab a friend. You’ll enjoy your workout more with a little chitchat while brisk-walking.

Hold a garage sale. Save the space occupied by the clutter by selling out those you don’t use anymore. Take whatever stuff you haven’t been using for months, and put price tags on them. People love getting used stuff so you’ll find it easy to dispose them if you price reasonably. A good stuff to sell would be novels which you’ve read before. Use the proceeds to buy new novels, instead of getting that budget from your next salary.


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