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Family: Coping as a Single Parent

Having a child is a dream come true. Finally you have this baby who you can call your own. Being a parent is never easy, and it’s twice as hard when you have to do it alone.

The most important thing to do when you’re a single parent is to remember that you are not alone in rearing your child. Even if your spouse is gone for whatever reason, there’s no way you will let your child get less than the care he needs, right?

You have your family and your closest friends who keep telling you that you can rely on them. Let them help you. You can also join a formal support group for single parents. Realizing that you are not alone will give you the confidence you need to be the best parent you can be.

Read up on parenting. If it’s your first child, it’s advisable that you read manuals and guides on parenting whenever you have the time. You can pick-up a lot of practical tips and coping mechanisms about being a single parent.

Aside from parenting tips, you also have to know how you can manage your time well. Being a single parent will definitely demand a lot of your time, but always leave enough time for yourself. You need time for your medical checkups to make sure that you’re in the pink of health, you need to meet your friends for coffee, and you have to have your own personal quiet time for your hobbies and reflection.

Why not get a babysitter so you can have your regular time off which you need for your own personal growth.

Focus on your child. Give yourself time to get over what happened between you and your partner. Being open to your feelings will allow you to let go of the past faster. Try to convert your feelings of regret into hope for your child’s future. It is possible to achieve positive thoughts when you focus your attention and actions towards your child’s welfare.


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