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Firefox Quick Tip: Bypass Registration Procresses with Bugmenot

BugmenotA few weeks back, we featured Bugmenot, a site that offers free use of usernames and passwords for free-to-register sites. It offers quite the convenience especially for those who just need to visit a site once and that’s about it.

Figures that they now have a Firefox extension to boot. What it does is that it provides a nifty context menu access to sites listed in the Bugmenot website. By right-clicking on the username and password fields of the site, you activate the plug-in and Bugmenot will be the one to log you in. It features multiple login attempts, failure reporting, and auto-submittal.

How nifty is that? No more switching tabs to visit the site just install the plug-in and browse away. You don’t have to store that much personal information in your computer anymore as you can now use shared log-ins to gain access to a lot of sites all a few clicks away.

Download Bugmenot add-on here.


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