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Firefox Quick Tip: Deal with ‘Server Not Found’ Pages with ErrorZilla


I have to apologize for the lack of tech articles for LifeSpy. I’m currently blogging for AutoJab as well and we’re trying to expand our horizons for that blog as well. The thing is, focus can be a bit of a problem. Tech posts need time and attention, so are car posts. Trying to stay on top of those areas means that I have to read through at least a hundred articles a day. Anyway, I know it’s not much of an excuse but I apologize still.

Another reason why there is a lack of daily Firefox quick tips (it has been months since) is that 3 is just around the corner and we’ve pretty much covered a lot of ground for 2. Still, once in a while, we see some gems that we have failed to pick up along the way and one of those would be ErrorZilla.

It’s an add-on that modifies your ‘Server Not Found’ pages to add some buttons that would help you locate cached versions of the page. Say for example, you’re researching about a very important topic and unfortunately for you, the server where the page is located is long dead or is having hiccups. While there are tools like Google Cache and Wayback Machine to help find cached pages, ErrorZilla brings those functionalities to you within the error page. They’re just a click away.

Download ErrorZilla add-on here.


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