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Firefox Quick Tip: Get the Old Location Bar for Firefox 3

Old Location Bar

It seems like a lot of people are totally annoyed by the new Firefox 3 location bar (dubbed as the AwesomeBar). Not really awesome, huh?

After previous comments in our previous post discussion ways to make it just a bit more tolerable especially for those who are considering downgrading back to 2, then you might want to consider Old Location Bar – an add-on that mimics the old location bar. While not really at 100% with the old one, this works a lot better than Oldbar (which basically mimics the look and nothing else). For functions, this one’s got a tad more like:

  • URL Bar displays the old way.
  • Go Button is always there now.
  • No longer looks threw (sic) your Bookmarks.
  • Only matches what you type, doesn’t guess.
  • URL Bar turns Yellow when visiting a “Secure” page.

Download Old Location Bar here.


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