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Firefox Quick Tip: How to Delete Items from Address Bar History

Firefox Address Bar

One funny thing I’ve seen while attending a corporate presentation is have one guy try to access a website typing a few letters and have the address bar history refer him to the porn sites he had visited. Imagine the embarrassment of that guy and the crazy looks everyone had. But whether it’s hiding traces of your “deeds” over the Net, it’s always a good thing to clean your Address Bar history.

For a quick purge of your Browsing History:

  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Del to launch the Clear Private Data Menu
  • Check the Browsing History checkbox
  • Click OK

To delete individual entries in the Address Bar History:

  • Press the Ctrl + L shortcut to go to the Address Bar
  • Press backspace to clear the bar
  • Start typing the first few letters of the item you want to delete
  • Press the down (and up) arrow keys to cycle through the entries
  • Press the Delete key to delete the entry

23 Responses to “Firefox Quick Tip: How to Delete Items from Address Bar History”

  • matt says:

    Deleting the entries that come up does nothing. If you go back into the address bar and start typing again everything comes up

  • Evy says:

    I agree w/ Matt it comes back after restarting firefox even i did the Clear Private Data. I still searching solution that completely remove all the website that i had type in the address bar. Any help pls. thanks!

  • Denis says:

    1. In the Location bar, enter about:config
    2. Search for the preference browser.urlbar.maxRichResults.
    3. Double-click the browser.urlbar.maxRichResults preference and enter a value of -1.
    4. Close Firefox.
    5. Start Firefox again.

  • sunshine says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Finally something that works!!

  • Tobias says:

    Wow! Just terribly confusing. Okay… Steps 1 – 5 for Mac folks:

    1. Open Google page (
    2. Click mouse in empty Google toolbar (all searches should come up)
    3. Drag mouse over to highlight your selection you wish deleted (do not click this selection or this will bring it into the toolbar)
    4. Press “shift”,”command” and “delete” together while selection is highlighted
    5. Your selection will be gone

    Fairly easy. KISS!! …No what I’m sayin’?

  • David says:

    Sunshine, you rock! Thanks so much!!!

  • gg says:

    tobias thank you!!!

  • Eric says:

    Denis, you are a gentleman and a scholar. Thank you sir!

  • David says:

    Thanks Denis, finally someone who knows what their doing! its about time someone post a real fix to this problem.

  • Djuan says:

    whhhaaaaaat finally someone with an answer that works you made my day
    tks a million for some reason found that very anoying thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you …

  • Holly says:

    Thank you so much dennis I was getting peeved cuz there was a tracking cookie attached to a site my bf goes on and I couldn’t get rid of it so it kept coming up every time i opened firefox. He will just have to suffer and type everything in. poor baby:)

  • Bill says:

    The advice from Denis works but it doesn’t actually delete anything. If you go back and reset the value to 1 or whatever all the old websites will still show up once you start typing in the address bar.

    Does anyone know how to actually delete those entries? It’s annoying having to type in each address every time. I’d rather just delete the ones I don’t want to see and leave the ones I do. Is this possible?

  • Jimmy says:

    Can’t believe Firefox has this bug and Denis is the only person to post this hack?

    Looked on loads of tech sites and they are all wrong.

  • George says:

    Not sure if this will work for everyone but the best way I have found is to simply delete the individual urls from your history.

    1. Ctrl + H to bring up history.
    2. History is sorted by day simply find EVERY occurence of the site you want to delete ( there is a search function ) and delete them.
    3. Ctrl + Shift + delete will bring up clear private data.
    4. Make sure everything but browsing history (and probably saved passwords) is checked.
    5. Click Clear Private Data Now.
    6. Now all of those sites should be deleted from the bar and the ones you want should still be there.

    The other method DOES NOT delete the traces of the site. Anyone who knows how to bring up the history bar . (Ctrl +H) would see all of your dirty laundry. This method should prevent that.

  • continueUM says:

    DENIS – YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  • Patrick says:

    This new version has really been annoying me. the address bar is acctually showing history AND bookmarks. Delete all your history and go to the bookmark tab: Organize bookmarks and go through all the folders and delete nething you dont want. This helped me get rid of the porn um… i mean sites i was using to search for gifts… yeah thats it.

    Other thing to do is click Tools: go to Options: click Privacy: on the bottom under Location bar: Click the drop down menu and just change it to history instead of History and Bookmarks… Now after a nice candlelit night by yourself you just have to clear the history and the bar will be clean. You will still have all the sites you normally visit in the drop down menu untill the times you need to wipe it.

  • alejandra says:

    Omg Th╬▒nsz so much!!=]

  • sreeni says:

    Check the following tip If you want to delete history completely from your system.

    Go to
    Select ‘Use custom settings for HIstory’ from the drop down menu
    Check remember my history and give just 10 days.
    Click ok.

    It will delete eveything before 10 days which can not be deleted by any other ways.
    Sreeni R

  • ash says:

    Bill, yeah. you’re right. Denis’ suggestion didnt actually delete anything. it just hides the history and whenever i type any letter for my doesnt show anything.

    Does anyone know how to actually delete the history in the address bar..excluding the bookmarks.

  • Winter says:

    In Firefox, Go to HISTORY menu.
    Then it will show HISTORY, TAGS BOOKMARKS.
    Click Bookmarks.
    Go to UNSORTED BOKKMARKS. Double-click.

    You’ll see all the history in your address bar.
    Simply click on the site/s and press DEL / DELETE
    This will delete all the history in your address bar.

  • Alan says:

    Thank you!!!!

  • RAY says:

    Denis, It’s 2011 and your solution worked the first try on FF. Thanks, too much BS out there, thanks for making life easier!

  • barry says:

    here is how I did it,

    location bar,
    select “nothing”,
    And your good.

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