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Firefox Quick Tip: Know What’s Behind TinyURL Links with Greasemonkey Script

TinyURL Popup Preview

I love TinyURL. While you don’t see me using them generated links here. I use them quite often in my other blogs. Posting links in Twitter is probably the most practical use I have for it save for the obvious trimming of thousand-character long URLs. But as a security cushion, wouldn’t you want to know what’s behind the link first before you go clicking? Too bad TinyURL links just don’t quite show you where they lead until after you click them.

That’s where Greasemonkey and scripts become quite handy (yet again). If you haven’t got any clue what’s with Greasemonkey, read up.

Anyway, here’s TinyURL Popup Preview. It allows you to see what link is behind the TinyURL link by hovering on the link. The ‘real’ link will show up as with TITLE tags. No more guessing on what lies behind the link.

Install the TinyURL Popup Preview from here.


2 Responses to “Firefox Quick Tip: Know What’s Behind TinyURL Links with Greasemonkey Script”

  • Garrett says:

    TinyURL is awesome. I use quite a bit too.

    Another good, similar service that just recently appeared is DecentURL. It shortens URLs, and also shows the site you’re going to go to, with a custom subdomain based off of the original URL’s domain, and then a custom piece of text (automatically derived from the page’s title, altough it’s fully customizable).

    It doesn’t make the URLs quite as short, but it does usually make them (usually) short enough, and having a descriptive URL is great.

    I still use TinyURL, of course, for all the times I really need a super-space-conscious URL.

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