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Firefox Quick Tip: Permanently Display the “Go” Button in the Firefox 3 AwesomeBar

Firefox 3 Go Button

We’ve been getting a lot of comments over the weekend from people expressing their disgust with Firefox 3′s new location bar dubbed AwesomeBar. Sad to say, we also share their opinions and are out to find ways to make it less of a bother. Here’s one other thing that might need fixing – the “Go” button.

Some mousers (people who love to use the mouse) might complain that the “Go” button only shows up. It is replaced by the “Star” icon used to bookmark links. For mousers, clicking the “Go” button is more important than bookmarking so having the “Go” button displayed permanently is required. (Though keyboard ninjas would definitely say, “Just hit the damn Enter key!”)

Here are two things to go about it.

In Firefox, there’s this file called the userChrome.css that actually determines how display elements of Firefox are shown. For a detailed take on editing this file, visit our post on editing the userChrome.css file. It still works for Firefox 3.

All you have to do is to insert these line of code:

/* Permanently show Go button */
#urlbar[pageproxystate="valid"] > #urlbar-icons > #go-button { visibility: visible !important;

And here’s the nice and simple solution of just getting an add-on to do it. Show Go gives you a permanent “Go” button without the hassle of editing your chrome file.

Download Show Go Firefox add-on here.


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4 Responses to “Firefox Quick Tip: Permanently Display the “Go” Button in the Firefox 3 AwesomeBar”

  • Xavius says:

    here you can find an extension that makes the job for you:

    Just Go

  • Danny-Ren says:

    Also remember that you can middle click the go button to open the typed address on a new window. You can’t do that with Ctrl+Enter!

  • Cees says:

    The Go button / Enter also causes less network traffic than the Reload button, as it only appears to fetch the page, not the embedded stuff.

    Alt+Enter will open the URI in a new tab.

  • emarell says:

    A related Firefox 3 (v3.5.7, actually) wish: guess I’m a chronic ‘mouser’ and don’t enjoy tapping the Enter key. This tip is great for the AwesomeBar; it did the trick – thanks.

    But I want a permanent, clickable, ‘just do it’-type icon for the searchbar too. Maybe the elusive magnifying glass I read about, maybe a GO button or an arrow – I don’t care. Either inside the searchbar field or next to it.

    Looking all over the web, all I see are instructions for *removing* an alleged magnifying glass inside the searchbar (something I never see; was Firefox 3 supposed to have one as standard?).

    Unfortunately I can’t recall whether I ever did anything to disable one when I first upgraded to Firefox 3. And I haven’t located any relevant setting, userscript, option, extension, or about:config alteration among my Firefox 3 nooks and crannies. I was hoping this site’s author or a reader would have a suggestion on how to absolutely/positively put one in…

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