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Flat Chest Do’s


Admittedly, not every woman can compare with Scarlett Johansson in the chest department (which natural-woman can, anyway?). But it doesn’t mean that ladies with “mere” handfuls aren’t attractive (silicone is overrated anyway)! On the contrary, most men find the natural woman more beautiful anyway.

However, let’s indulge those ladies who are a little worried that they are not as well endowed as they wish they were:

One thing about being a little-less Scarlett is that you can wear detailed bodices without looking like over-stuffed pigeons. Bodices with details such as ruffles, buttons, beads, embroidery, zips and pockets, give an appearance of being slightly larger in the chest area. This is also the same for clothes with busy and bold patterns and prints

As for material, stretchy materials like lycra is best worn by women with a smaller chest size. Figure hugging bodices can show off and emphasize any curve. Large, loose, bulky clothes can only swamp your figure.

Block black. Light colored tops work well for women who want to emphasize their top.

Have you ever wondered why ramp models are a little light in the chest area? It’s because designers won’t have to worry about fitting adjustments. High necklines, polo necks, and even deeply plunging necklines can be worn with confidence. Avoid the vee’s and lower necks (except the plunging) though as they detract chest size.


One Response to “Flat Chest Do’s”

  • dawn says:

    this is a great post. i love my buttons and pockets, i would like a change in wardrobe, but this kinda boosts my confidence. thank you.

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