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Food for Thought: Waging War Against Ugly

Ugly Betty

With the advent of botox, liposuction, nose job and some other nip tucks one might think that women’s perception on what’s beautiful has really taken a dangerous curve. Women go to great heights to make some alterations on their features. It makes me wonder, when women look at the mirror, do they only see their flaws?

Rising against this intoxicating fight for perfection, there’s Ugly Betty. Even though the show’s been put on hold due to the strike, it has become one of today’s most popular sitcoms. Betty is most girls’ nightmare – bad hair and hopeless fashion sense. And to make that even more obvious, she works in a fashion magazine and her workmates are sexy and chic. And yet the show anchors its charm on Betty because her inner beauty outshines everyone else. She is smart and sensitive and she has a good relationship with her family

An average teenage girl who’s still struggling to find herself might be overwhelmed by these mixed campaigns. should girls look up to supermodels or to girls like Betty? In the case of Betty, a girl can easily see why it’s better to be smart than pretty. But the thing is, not all ugly girls get good grades and some hot girls are actually in med school. So how does one find her way through the whole pop culture and come up with a true concept of what’s beautiful?

To help out young girls discover their identity, society has to help them have a more practical self-image. We have become a bit too cruel on plus sizes that now, anorexia is becoming a synonym of dieting. Save our young girls by teaching them that beauty is the product of a healthy body and a healthy mind. We have too many cases of Britneys and Lindsays. Let’s strive to be beautiful Bettys — trendy hair, cute outfits, and armed with a killer wit.


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