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Food Items To Fire Up Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Hearts

Since you’re getting all set for this year’s love fest, we are going to help you out reach your objective. All those Valentine’s Day preparations are sure to conclude in an evening of canoodling if you know what to eat. That’s right! We’re going to clue you in on the most proven, sure-fire aphrodisiacs known to man.

This one’s a no-brainer. What beverage is the most often used excuse for getting laid? The answer is alcohol. Alcohol is the all-time favorite aphrodisiac and probably the most powerful of them all. A little sip boosts your confidence, makes you a bit more chatty, and releases you from your usual limits. You can’t get that from watching porn.

Is it just the shape? There’s more to your regular banana than what it looks like. Scientific studies have actually proven that it has good effects on men during you-know-what. And when we say good, we mean good.

Oysters. It’s believed that oysters bring out the best in you when you’re at it. This is probably due to the weird fact that oysters are able to release both sperm and eggs because they are protandric. Want proof? Look it up over Oyster. They are also able to make you release more sex hormones. Now, ain’t that good news?

Chocolates are less effective than vodka, but far more tempting. The rich flavor of chocolate brings a very pleasurable experience which is connected to more exciting activities involving two people. While chocolates are milder in its aphrodisiac tendencies, given the right box, a girl might get into the mood even before you do.


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