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From Motivativation to Action

Motivation is a powerful thing. So is persuasion. These two have been used as tools to control things. But whereas persuading often comes out as forceful, motivation is more subtle and inspiring. And thus being a softer approach, it’s usually the better way to make people do what you want them to do.

Don’t push people around. When you’re seen as a bully, people usually resist everything you say or do. But if you’re seen as a concerned friend, your opinions matter more. People don’t want to be pushed into doing things. Why not be more supportive rather than pushy? If you nag, you’ll just be repulsive.

Instead of giving sermons and being a know-it-all when you’re giving your lectures on what to do and what not to do, engage them in a conversation where you can get their side of the story, why they’re doing things differently and assess what approach you can do to help them.

Listen. When a person sees that you’re really listening to what they say, they tend to share more details.

Coach and teach instead of pointing out the errors. One thing we do which turn people off is pointing out what other people did wrong.

Another wrong approach is to use fear to make the person do what’s right. While fear can make a person realize the consequences of his action, it doesn’t give the drive to aim for something. Give the person a purpose. Unlike fear, purpose can give the person the right motivation.

Training. There’s nothing like instilling values and discipline in a person so that s/he will act accordingly.


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