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Google Chrome Quick Tip: Use Incognito Mode to Log in to Two Separate Accounts

For those of you (at least the Windows users) who have been living under a huge rock and still don’t know what Google Chrome is, it’s just Google’s own web browser. Go download and install it if you haven’t yet.

And for those of you living under a smaller rock and don’t know what the heck is the Incognito Mode in Google Chrome, basically it’s pr0n mode for browsers. What that means is that Chrome will manage pages loaded in Incognito mode separately (including separate cookie management) and clears cookie, and download and browser history upon exit.

Since it handles cookies separately, that also means that you can load two sessions of the same service and log in via separate accounts for each window. Well, this isn’t too different from launching a Firefox window and an IE window but at least you’re just running the same application.


6 Responses to “Google Chrome Quick Tip: Use Incognito Mode to Log in to Two Separate Accounts”

  • Keith says:

    You never said how to use Incognito mode.

  • Alex says:

    Press Ctrl + Shift + N

  • film fan says:

    there are so many advantages and features with Chrome, such as it’s speed, for example; now if only they would take care of the browser’s flighty cookie management…

  • Sentinel A says:

    Thanks God, a decent browser.

    Chrome will be able to compete in more decent terms than Firefox was ever to do against IE.
    Chrome rules, it is like Firefox, but with better minds behind. I hope FF disappears and every effort is set up to continue the good line of Chrome.

  • I like Chrome. It’s simplistic design. BUT Firefox is like that until you add in the functionality – toolbars, delicious buttons, DIGG etc. I’m interested to see if they can keep the minimal approach when implementing these addons or just throw in tool bars to accomodate everything.

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