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Has Warner Bros. Killed HD-DVD?

Back to the question that we’ve posted last year on this blog, but with a look at the other side of the story. Our “Has Sony Killed Blu-ray with No-porn Policy?” made its round in some discussions. Many experts say that the hi-def wars is quite moot. How big is is the adult industry and how big is Warner Bros for them to really factor in th war? The first question has proven to be irrelevant since hi-def p*rn hasn’t really clicked both in the industry and the market. In fact, online adult video streaming sites have made a real blow on video sales.

So now, let’s look into this Warner Bros. thing. Warner has officially said that it will solely support Blu-ray as its publishing format for hi-def. Is this decisive enough to snuff out HD-DVD. I bet Toshiba would be up in arms with such claims of HD-DVD being killed off.

This increases the difficulty of choice for consumers with one outfit would have their releases in Blu-ray, another in HD-DVD. Movie fans and home theater enthusiasts would go berserk since collecting meant having to deal with two different formats. Unless, of course, HD players go hybrid with capabilities of playing both formats. Or will this inevitably lead to consumer apathy?

Via Computerworld


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