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Health News: Why Flip-Flops are Bad for You

Flip Flops

Heeey! Yes, it’s summer and it’s that time time of the year again when you can (should?) wear just a bit less. And with the incidences of heat waves, more skin-to-air contact is more than welcome, feet included. So flip-flops are definitely back in season again. Sure they’re trendy, and comfortable but there have been a lot of contracting pain and discomfort after wearing them.

Newsweek has this feature exploring the reasons why. A research on biomechanics revealed this.

…flip-flop wearers take shorter steps. The result is more stress on the body because you have to move more to go the same distance as people wearing other kinds of shoes. That could mean a higher risk of muscle and joint pain in the legs.

In addition, the toes have also become a problem area. Scrunching the toes to keep the flip-flop intact can also put a lot of stress on them. This also becomes more serious when applied to overweight and sedentary people with relatively overstressed joints and weak muscles.

The bottomline, however, is that you can still wear them in moderation. Observe yourself while and after wearing them. If you start feeling any discomfort, switch to more comfortable shoes with ankle support that fits your pronation. Here’s a guide how to choose running shoes.


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