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How to Accept Defeat


Life is a series of winning and losing. There will come a time when you will have to experience failure, one way or another. If you have always gotten what you want, the more it is harder for you to cope with losing. Some people say you can always refuse to lose. But losing is inevitable, and when it happens to you, you have to accept it the most graceful way you can.

For those of you who believe in faith, there’s a prayer that goes something like, “…help me to accept the things that I cannot changeā€¦” We all like to be in control. But in reality, we are almost never in control. This is because things don’t always go as you planned it. When you lose, you lose. The faster you accept defeat, the faster you’ll get over it.

Don’t take a contest personally. Sometimes a competition becomes more personal than professional when emotions become involved, or when you start hating the people who are also going for the same goal as yours. When you lose, don’t be selfish to think that winning is more important to you than it is for the actual winner. That’s not true. Winning is deserved by those who worked hard for the prize and it’s not just you who made sacrifices.

Give your support to the winner. Show your good character by giving your support to the winner, like what people do during elections. The spotlight may not be on you, but what’s more important is that you still have a chance to serve or do whatever it is you like by helping out.

Win next time. To increase your chances at winning next time, you should study your strategies and methods to find what went wrong so you’ll know exactly where you need improvement. Do you need more promotion? Do you have to work on your people skills? The most important is not to let frustration get to you by remembering that you can always try again.


One Response to “How to Accept Defeat”

  • MorganCharlie says:

    I think personally Wrong is when we don’t live for today, it can leave us to ignore the poor as we stresses up ourselves both psychologically and physical selfs, get over it. -our stress doesn’t make hectic any better by far.
    Fat miserable attitudes, even worses things
    it mean that You need to chang.

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