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How to Avoid Food Poisoning

There had been a lot of food recalls over the past months and it’s mostly because these “tainted” food items can cause food poisoning or some other food-borne illnesses. Before you eat something, do you stop to think if you’re eating something that’s clean and safe?

Food poisoning is very common but is mostly taken for granted until it actually happens. One thing you should know, food poisoning can be fatal, and the less serious complications include vomiting and diarrhea. These symptoms can lead to hospitalization. Learn more about food poisoning so you can protect your family.

Food poisoning can be caused by several reasons. From food production, manufacturing, transportation, to preparation, food requires ultra-care so it will not endanger your health.

Food poisoning happens when food becomes contaminated. Bacteria, spores, and other micro-organisms, as you know, is everywhere and are always at the ready to infect your food. Food that’s grown with the aid of chemicals and fertilizers could poison you if not washed properly.

Where do you buy your food? Consider the place where you get the food you serve to your family. Of course prices will always be a major factor, but food should first be safe, then affordable.

When shopping, always check the expiration dates of the items before you buy them. You should also separate the meat from the poultry and make sure fresh meat does not come in contact with any dirty surface. Store foods properly immediately when you get home.

Wash your hands first before preparing your meals. It is also important that you keep your potholders and dish cloths super clean and dry because you use them in close contact to your food.

Cook and reheat foods thoroughly. Raw and half-cooked foods could poison you. Red meat, poultry and eggs should be cooked thoroughly.

Keep your foods where pests can’t contaminate them. Make sure you store your foods in secured containers and cupboards. Make sure that your refrigerator is set in optimum temperatures. Avoid placing eggs in the door tray, the drop in temperature every time you open the door can lead to egg spoilage. Keep meats inside the freezer. Defrost them by placing them on a lower shelf. It takes time but would avoid sudden bacterial growth.

Don’t just eat anywhere. Be very careful of the food you eat.


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