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How to Be a Better Dorm Roommate

Going to college is a whole new experience for you. College life offers you a wide range of adventure and opportunities. Among these is your chance to make new peers, belong to new circles and build a new network. In college, a new relationship starts the moment you share a bunk. Living with someone is not the easiest thing. Unlike what you had in your own home, your roommate is not a family member which makes you both a stranger to one another. The question is how can you make this relationship work?

Talk about your ground rules. You have your own set of No-No’s and so does your roommate. And in this kind of setup, the best way to avoid any animosity is to set clear rules. Tell her your pet peeves and she tells you hers. This way, you will know what not to do, and also you will get to know more about this stranger you’re going to live with.

Discuss your schedules. Post your schedules on the wall so you both know what your activities are, and make the necessary arrangements. Like if she studies at 9PM, you should be extra quiet around that time. Or better yet, you can synchronize your study time so that you’re both quiet.

Other issues which might need discussing include limitations on multimedia volume for TV and radio and maybe even speaking voice, friends who sleep over, chores like cleaning and sweeping, and bathroom schedule – you know how this one brings out the worst in people.

Keep private things private. You may not be best friends, but being roommates mean you should respect each other’s privacy.


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