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How to Be a Better Tutor

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There is a growing market for tutors, and that is probably because a class composed of one teacher teaching a number of students is not the most ideal learning setup. Some students need more time with the teacher, or more attention, or more focus, or less distraction caused from classmates to be able to fully comprehend a lesson. One thing you have to remember, though. Tutoring is not easy. You are mainly responsible for a student’s learning and that’s something you shouldn’t take lightly. Are you qualified to teach a subject? If you want to be a tutor in, say Math, then you have to be an expert on it. You may not be the best Math student in your class but you should definitely be one of them. It could also be a plus if you have an accreditation or a certificate, declaring you as an authority on the subject.

Study the curriculum of the student bracket you’re planning to teach. Knowing the curriculum and the syllabi will help you draft your own modules. You have to follow the curriculum so that the student can really use your lessons inside the classroom and therefore achieve better school performance.

Be very organized. It won’t help if you don’t have teaching skills. Even if you’re a genius on a subject, if you don’t have efficient teaching methods, your student will not get the most out of your lesson. Improve your teaching methods by reading self-help books on teaching.

Be flexible. The saying goes, “Different strokes for different folks.” What works for one student might not work with another. Study how a student reacts with your teaching methods so you can find the best way to teach him. Some students are more on visual, while some students learn more by just listening.


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