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How to Be a Consultant


Consultancy is really catching on nowadays. A lot of retirees have gone to this route to pass the time. Well, they do have the expertise and the experience to act out as a real consultant. But that doesn’t mean that younger ones can’t be consultants. In fact, if you feel that the daily grind isn’t for you and company loyalty isn’t that attractive, you can always take this route. Why not be a consultant?

One of the most attractive things about being a consultant is that you can always work anywhere, anytime. Most of your investment will be time, effort, skill, and reputation. It’s your decision if you would want to set up a real office but a home office will do. A fax/phone, a laptop, a cellular phone, an internet connection could be all you have to invest on.

Keep your contacts. If you’ve worked the industry, your reputation should be worth something. In fact it’s your reputation that would give you a lot of credibility as a consultant. Don’t burn bridges when leaving your full-time career. Take your contacts with you and convert them to clients.

Develop networks. Don’t just settle with your current contacts list, expand your networks. Remember that with a great deal of talk, you can convert just about anyone to a client. Gain access to other people by making the most out of your contacts.

Focus on a strength to sell as service. It might be difficult for you to manage clients if you offer a very wide range of services, especially if you’re running a one-man job. How you’re going to stay afloat as a consultant also rides on how successful you can be with your projects. So to assure both, focus on your key strength in the field that you’re in.

Draw up competitive prices. As a consultant, you can really earn more than what you get working a steady job (though the other perks might not be there) but be sure to draw up competitive prices. Try to search how much consultants charge in your area and use the figures to draw up yours.

Interested? Think of something that you can do, get your address book and start looking people up.


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2 Responses to “How to Be a Consultant”

  • angel says:

    i want to learn how to be a project consultant for a call center industry. thanks.

  • Don says:

    I want to be a credit consultant but I’m not sure what legal paper work I would need, any tips or insight

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