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How to Be a Good Host Even if You’re Tired


Your house, your rules. But you want your guests to feel welcome and at home. Sometimes, though, your guests can be so demanding. How does one become a good host without feeling exhausted?

Are you ready for your guests? Prior to the visit, ask your guests how long the visit will take – hours or days? You need to know if you are agreeable to his estimated time of stay. A sleep over means you’ll have to spend for additional food and other utilities like electricity and water. If your guest intends to stay longer than your ideal, give it to him straight and tell them why he can’t stay for long. You should also know what stuff he’s bringing. Appliances mean there’ll be an increase in the bills.

You have to make sure that everyone who lives in your house is okay with the idea of someone else bunking in. If your expected guest is not a close family friend, or if you’re the only person in your house who knows your guest, give your house mates a briefing on your guest’s character so they’ll be more at ease with a stranger around.

Discuss with your guest your house rules. It’s okay to tell your guests that there is strictly no smoking inside your house. It is also okay to tell them that there are no pets allowed. Or the rule about No TV after midnight. You’re good enough to keep them inside so following your house rules is just fair.


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