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How to Be More Giving


In our world today, all hard-working people who are aiming for success knows that the best way to achieve goals is to be self-serving – making sure that you know your needs and that you meet it and you work overtime to have more than you what you need at the moment. And sometimes we become so preoccupied with our own needs that we have no time to attend to other people’s needs.

Help when you can. Some are more fortunate than others. In terms of love, money, and luck, some people just have more of all the good things. And this is why when you’re one of the lucky ones, you have to share your blessings to the less fortunate.

When your own needs are met, try to think of others. During meals for example, and you have more food than you can eat, offer it to those who need it. I’ve walked out of the cafeteria so many times before, noticing how much food is left on the table. When the waiters come to clean the area, they just throw it out. And I’m thinking, if the food is still clean, why not put it in a clean bag and save it to give to the needy later when you walk home?

Don’t choose the people you help. Sometimes we help the needy, sometimes we don’t. If the reason is the availability of extra cash, then it’s understandable. But if we choose who to help based on whim then it becomes discriminating. All needy people can use your help and sometimes you misjudge who needs it more.

Make it a habit. Helping others should be your second nature. How much will it cost you to give a few leftovers to people on the street? Would you mind if you give away the clothes you don’t even wear to people who desperately need it?

Be a good influence to others. Encourage your friends to be more generous. Sometimes they just have to be reminded to think of others aside from their own.

You are a spark of hope. The people you help need hope so they can go on living despite their meager resources. Reach out to them and feel rewarded by your good deeds.


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