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How to Beat the Stress of a Pop Quiz

Every one of us shakes at the very thought of a pop quiz. There’s nothing like taking an exam unprepared. So what’s a student to do to make sure you’re always ready for anything? Take a look at the suggestions after the cut.

Listen to the lecture. Sure, it’s probably the driest thing you’ve ever heard of, but it can save you from a lot of cramming and anxiety during pop quizzes. If you listen intently, there’s no need to review at home.

Ask your teacher to post the lecture notes online. Having the lecture online and downloadable means you won’t have to take down notes. This is helpful because you can just sit tight and participate during discussions instead of making sure you’re writing down the lecture.

Do some advanced reading. Reading in advance means you’re ahead of the discussion. When you read, highlight the key points. Use a highlighter to mark the important concepts in your textbook. You may not understand everything but at least you got the gist.

Do your homework on your own. Asking someone else to do your assignments is the ultimate convenience, but then again think of the consequences. Accomplishing your homework is just like studying so don’t complain about it. Struggling over homework means the lesson is sure to get into your head, right?

Write in your notebook while studying. Writing while studying is more effective for retention.

Fight your nerves to avoid mental blocks. Your efforts will all go to waste if you can’t think of anything during the exam. This usually happens when you’re nervous about having an exam. Let it go. Whether there’s an exam or not, the important thing is that you’re always prepared .


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