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How to Check for Professors Before Enrolling in Classes

Have you ever regretted being enrolled in a class? Having a terror professor is a disaster that will last for months. And there are those professors who don’t really teach you anything useful. Imagine being stuck with a terror prof who doesn’t really teach anything and gives lousy grades at that. Although there are some who say that good grades is not a matter of who your teacher is, still, it pays to research about your target prof before registering for a class.

Credentials come first. Is the professor a leading expert in the field. It always pays to be mentored by an academic bigwig who definitely knows his/her stuff about the subject matter. However, you also still have to check his/her reputation as a teacher. Not all brilliant minds can teach effectively.

Is there a forum on the school site about school issues? If there is, look up the thread on professors and read on the reviews on your choice of professors. Former students usually write about their good/bad experiences with their profs. You might find some of these precious info if you search your prof’s name over the Internet. Read about the good reviews and the bad reviews. Then ask yourself – do you think you can handle the professor you’re reading so much about?

Ask your peers who already had classes with your target professors. These people will give you first-hand experiences about your choice of teacher. And since they know you, they can make comments on whether or not the prof’s style will work for your advantage.

You might also want to check up on the prof’s availability. It’s better to have the kind of teachers who’s around often enough to give you consultation when you need it. Some profs just vanish after class. And that’s kind of hard to deal with especially if you need advice about your school work.

If you really want to see your chosen teacher in action, why not sit-in on one of his classes and see for yourself how his lectures are. This is assuming, of course, that he is OK with other students sitting in.


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