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How to Choose a Cell Phone Service Provider

Cell Phone

The last time, we put up this post on choosing a cell phone for you to buy so we decided to follow that up with this bit on choosing the service provider. As we’ve pointed out last time, that when shopping for a new phone you may consider the packages that service providers offer since they often have great deals (or even free phones) if you don’t mind being locked in to a contract with them. But how do you choose between the different providers out there? Read on.

Much like with choosing the phone unit itself, consider the practical side first. How much is your budget for such a service a month? How intensely do you need it? Is it for personal or work use?

Before you focus on service packages, check the service provider first. How extensive is its geographic coverage? Will you have a signal in your locality? Will your common and important destinations be in range of their towers? Do they offer international roaming for the countries that you often visit? There’s nothing more disastrous than having a cell phone without a signal in your travel routes.

Check out reviews of cell providers in magazines and websites. Getting opinion, especially from people who share your needs in a common locality, could help you in narrowing down which service will you be going for.

Compare packages. Don’t always go for price. Check the stronger areas of one package and compare it to your needs. You might want to get more calls instead of other services such as as SMS, MMS or Internet time,

Make sure that you read theB including the fine print. Some would have lock-in clauses that may prevent you from early cancellations of the service.


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